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Accelerator Physics 0302965

A graduate course taught at the University of Jordan.


Instructor Saed Dababneh               Homepage            email: alternatively where my documents live!

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General course objectives


•       Review of relevant material in different disciplines of physics like Classical and relativistic dynamics, electric and magnetic forces, fields and field lenses (ion optics), particle orbits, nuclear and radiation, superconductivity, etc.

•       Principles of Van de Graaff, tandem, pelletron, dynamitron, betatron, tevatron, resonant cavities, linac, cyclotron, synchrotron, storage ring, microtron, etc.

•       Some end station experiments and spectrographs.

•       Basic concepts of radiation protection, safety and shielding.

•       Accelerator driven systems ADS.

The above objectives are planned to be achieved mainly through lectures. Nevertheless, students’ projects will also contribute to the final outcome.



                A collection of references will be used rather than one textbook.




Review Test


Mid-term Exam


HWs, projects and quizzes


Final Exam





·         Wednesdays         14:30-17:30


General instructions



•       Homeworks are due after one week unless otherwise announced.

•       Remarks or questions marked in red in the presentations without being announced as homeworks should be also seriously considered!

•       Some tasks can (or should) be sent by email.


•       Projects will be announced in class.


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Lecture Notes and Exams


Individual lecture notes will be available online after the lecture has been given.

1.       Level Test.

2.       Introductory remarks.

3.       A visit to JUVAC and Lecture 2.

4.       Lecture 3.

5.       Lecture 4.

6.       Lecture 5.

7.       Lecture 6.

8.       Lecture 7.

9.       Midterm. A digital file required for Task 5.

10.    Lecture 8.

11.    Lecture 9.

12.    Lecture 10.