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Special Topics in Nuclear Physics 0342797


A graduate course taught to the nuclear physics students at the University of Jordan.


Instructor Saed Dababneh Homepage email: alternatively where my documents live!

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General course objectives

       The course will cover selected topics in nuclear physics and its relevant applications.




       Depends on each covered topic.




Mid-term Exam


HWs and projects


Final Exam





         Sundays and Tuesdays 14:00-15:30


General instructions



       Homeworks are due after one week unless otherwise announced.

       Remarks or questions marked in red in the presentations, without being announced as homeworks, should be also seriously considered!

       Some tasks can (or should) be sent by email.


       Main Project

o    Due date (for written version): May 3rd.

o    Presentation: Will be scheduled later.

       Other small projects will be announced in class and are due two weeks after announcement.


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Lecture Notes and Exams

Individual lecture notes will be available online after the lecture has been given.

1-       General introductions to Monte Carlo applications.

2-       Monte Carlo simulation. Part I.

3-       Monte Carlo simulation. Part II.

4-       Monte Carlo simulation. Part III.

5-       True Coincidence Summing Part I.

6-       True Coincidence Summing Part II.

7-       True Coincidence Summing Part III.

8-       Last note on MC and introduction to experimental techniques.

9-       Introduction to experimental techniques II.

10-   Introduction to experimental techniques III.

11-   Beam and target properties I.

12-   Beam and target properties II.

13-   Beam and target properties III.

14-   SRIM training and application on E-DE detection.

15-   Target properties and reaction yield I.

16-   Target properties and reaction yield II and III.

17-   Target properties and reaction yield III (continued).

18-   Introduction to Nuclear Astrophysics.

19-   Introduction to Nuclear Astrophysics (continued).






QBASIC to help analyzing SRIM output.









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